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Section VII: Now That I've Made You Weep Like A Little Girl, Some Software That Might Help

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Well, if you went through the entire tutorial to this point, you're probably beginning to figure out why it was that only about five of us worldwide were using anonymous emailers. Frankly, getting messages prepped for remailer action was (and is) a pain in the ass, and if you make any slightest error in formatting, a remailer you use happens to be down, the moon is in Libra, or any of a number of other completely opaque reasons occur, the email won't be sent at all after all that work.

So, being the sweetie that I am, I'm going to give you leads to two software packages I've had some luck with that definitely simplify the process. Of course the word "simplify" is relative.

1. Jack B. Nymble (FREEWARE!):

Get It At:

JBN (as us cool insiders call it) was one of the first, and still one of the best attempts to automate all the junk you've been reading in this tutorial. The problem is that it isn't exactly push-button technology. It has an enormously steep learning curve, and, frankly, if you haven't already got a pretty good handle on how to use remailers, you're gonna be lost as a babe in the woods. Good stuff, once you sort it out. (Requires you have PGP installed and be familiar with making, adding, and modifying keys!)

2. Freedom Net (NOT FREE!):

Get It At:
Freedom Net is the simplest method of nearly perfect anonymous remailing I've ever run across. There are lots of "anonymous" or "secure" remail programs out there that are about as secure as your Aunt Molly's "Unmentionables" drawer. This stuff, on the other hand, is the real deal.

Essentially what it does is run all your computer communications, including email, web browsing, newsgroups, etc., through a bunch of anonymous remailers. You buy "tokens" that can be exchanged by anyone for NYMS, set up Freedom on your computer, and you're off to the races. While Freedom is running, everything going through your ISP is encrypted before it even leaves your machine, and is routed through random servers scattered everywhere. You don't even need to have PGP installed, and you don't need to know diddly-squat about all the junk that was in this tutorial.

Very cool. Very Pricey (nearly $60 for a year of five nyms). Works like a champ, and is stone solid, as long as you follow the instructions setting it up in the first place and installing your nyms.

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